Leading. Now. A new world.

Conscious and connected leadership in a time of global uncertainty. Interactive virtual classroom series.

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Responding to your changing reality

20 years of impact and experience delivered direct to your screen

An Interactive Virtual Classroom series consisting of 4 essential, research-based, 90-minute modules, the short-series program will support you to learn, grow and adapt during this time of global complexity and ambiguity.

You and your teams need support now, more than ever.

What it means to be LEADING. NOW.

  • Stepping into your leadership in a time of exponential change, through conscious focus, real-time learning and connection with others.
  • Adapting  to what’s needed right now. We will support you with the practical ‘how’, grounded in your day-to-day reality, not just the theoretical ‘what’.

Role-modelling excellence in virtual delivery and participant engagement. In these 90-minute, highly interactive sessions we’ll use virtual collaboration tools, demonstrating what’s possible when using the virtual medium well.

Looking after and leading yourself, others, your clients and your communities through unprecedented challenges has never been more important. Massive global changes to the context for business and society as a whole require us to shift and adapt – quickly.

We’ll show you how.

What’s in the program?

The four Leading. Now. modules

Being Your ‘Best Self’

Self focus. Developing leadership resourcefulness, wellbeing and resilience.

Managing your own physical, mental and emotional state and supporting others’ wellbeing and resilience to ensure you and your team can perform at your best in a sustainable way.


Virtual Inspiration & Collaboration

Team focus. Connecting productively, with purpose.

Leading, inspiring, supporting and connecting others in an uncertain, virtual environment. Getting the best of ourselves, each other and the technology in virtual settings.


Dealing with complexity and ambiguity

Systems focus. Dealing with complexity and ambiguity in challenging times.

Stepping up to the current exponential challenges and uncertainty with humanity, humility and adaptiveness. Tackling ‘wicked’ problems and challenges together.


Thriving through unprecedented change

Future focus. Thriving through unprecedented change and beyond.

Dealing with the ever-shifting landscape resourcefully, maintaining focus, and making effective, considered decisions for the future. Preparing for what comes next as we co-create a new future.


For more information please contact us on clientsolutions@iecl.com or +61 2 8270 0600

Leading. Now. for your organisation

Support your people through uncertainty and ambiguity with research-based, quick-bite, interactive virtual learning

Run Leading. Now. 90-minute modules in your organisation for up to 30 people at a time.

They provide engaging and insightful participant experiences that help your people respond to the amplified challenges they are facing in their lives right now.

Each of the modules can run stand-alone, or run all 4 as a program over a couple of weeks.

Find out more – contact us on +61 2 8270 0600 or email clientsolutions@iecl.com

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These were some great sessions today. We received some really good feedback from staff who have been enjoying them, and gained some really good insights and take-aways they can continue to work on. Should be mandatory for all staff!

HR specialist, APAC-wide
Financial Services organisation

Dealing With Complexity And Ambiguity

90 mins

Dealing with complexity and ambiguity in challenging times. Systems focus.

Session Topics

  • Conscious and connected leadership – what is it? Why the time is now. Remembering we’re human
  • Moving to a systems view – why its hard and how it helps us lead through uncertainty
  • The Cynefin Framework – making sense of complexity and deciding how to react. Working on ‘wicked’ problems and challenges together
  • Adaptive leadership – the power of moving from technical to adaptive leadership modes to create pathways for the future, sustainably
  • Stepping up and leaning in – our individual and collective commitments to act, support, innovate and collaborate, despite the uncertainty around us

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the power of conscious and connected leadership
  • Grasp the role of humanity, humility and curiosity in adapting to uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Recognise concepts from systems & complexity thinking and adaptive leadership, relating them to real, complex challenges
  • Practice applying new thinking and skills in your own context
  • Have a plan for applying the key concepts most helpful for you and those around you

Thriving Through Unprecedented Change

90 mins

Thriving through unprecedented change....and beyond. Future focus.

Session Topics

  • All change – the new normal is far from normal. Acknowledging our human and systemic responses and unpacking what it means for us, individually and collectively
  • Unexpected opportunities – the upsides of a downside. Re-framing our experience
  • Resilience is not the same as endurance. What helps us thrive and gives us energy
  • Different decision making tools for very different kinds of decisions
  • Countless possible futures – at least having a plan for some of them. Deep listening, scenario planning and empathic responsiveness to be as ready as we can be for what comes next

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine the impact on yourself, others and the system of unprecedented change
  • Understand how reframing can mediate your change response
  • Awareness of your sources of energy in a crisis
  • How and where to use complex decision making frameworks
  • Practice applying new thinking and skills in your own context
  • Have a plan for applying the key concepts most helpful for you and those around you

Being Your ‘Best Self’

90 mins

Being Your ‘Best Self’ by developing leadership resourcefulness, wellbeing and resilience. Self focus.

Session Topics

  • Acknowledging our current context and normalising how we feel – anxiety, grief, fear, anger, denial, hope. Vulnerability as a conduit for connection
  • The Experience Cube – Observations, Thoughts, Feelings, Wants
  • Recognising our patterns – moving to being at our best more of the time
  • Building our wellbeing and resilience – GLWS wellbeing framework (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual dimensions).
  • Identifying habits and rituals Identifying needs, setting goals. Support for myself and others. Getting real and practical

Learning Outcomes

  • Comfort with acknowledging and sharing thoughts/feelings to build connection with others
  • Explore sense-making frameworks that enable you to be at your best
  • Understand the impact of default behavioural patterns and how to release yourself them
  • Identify holistic wellbeing and resilience tips that help you thrive
  • Practice applying new thinking and skills in your own context
  • Have a plan for applying the key concepts most helpful for you and those around you

Virtual Inspiration & Collaboration

90 mins

Virtual Inspiration and Collaboration - connecting productively, with purpose. Team focus.

Session Topics

  • Identifying and embodying individual and collective purpose… under pressure
  • The impact of uncertainty and disruption – creating our collaborative, virtual antidote
  • Focusing on our individual and collective strengths – identifying roles and commitments for building and maintaining high-performance, virtually
  • Genius Bar – technology and virtual working tips from global experts. Defining and building what works for us
  • Getting practical – rhythms, protocols, practices, behaviours. Committing to what’s next

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify individual and collective sense of purpose to maintain motivation under challenging circumstances
  • Leverage strengths, collaborate and innovate virtually during times of uncertainty
  • Absorb and experience virtual working tips to take your virtual performance to the next level
  • Practice applying new thinking and skills in your own context
  • Have a plan for applying the key concepts most helpful for you and those around you

Leading. Now.

We believe in developing conscious and connected leadership – a lifelong generative process helping you become the best possible leader you can be. 20 years of impact and experience delivered direct to your screen.

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